EK-GTW/10 Gateway Multi-Conversione

Eurotek EK-ODP/1 is a fully outdoor solution where a compact and pole mountable aluminum case hosts a complete transmitting site, including power supply, adjustable filters and combiners. The solid and weather-proof case is designed to be installed virtually anywhere, even where no broadcasting infrastructure is available, with huge savings in terms of space and installations costs. The EK-ODP/1 can get the signal from any type of input: satellite (with descrambler), microwave link, UHF, and can broadcast in any configuration of DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T and ATSC, single or multichannel, with a flexible redundancy (1+1, N+0, N+1, N+M), redundant power supply and control board, built-in GPS for SFN operation, echo canceler (transposer) and a maximum output power up to 20W in single channel configuration or 5W in Multichannel configuration (up to 6 ). Modular design allows simple and fast expansion according to future needs. The EK-ODP/1 can be managed via built-in IP, GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi modem, and it features two exclusive theft-dissuasion systems: when activated, the DVBLock strictly pairs each system to the user-selected ProgramIDs. Feeding the transmitter with a different program will result in no broadcasting at all. The GPSBond detects the installation position and prevents the system operation when a different location is detected. The Eurotek EK-ODP/1 can be AC or DC powered; on-site PV generation is always possible.

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