If you ever need a repair or replacement service of our product filling out this form speeds up the process of shipment, repair and return of the equipment. The number of authorization to return the goods will be provided by our office by phone or through e-mail and must be included in the shipping documents that will follow the product. The fields marked with the symbol “*” are mandatory and in addition, in order to test the product for repair completely, it is recommended to return the product complete with all parts and accessories as well as in the original packaging.

Data to request RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

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Forwarder data

Transport cost of the goods shall be pay by the customer therefore shipments arriving in Carriage Forward will automatically be refused unless previously agreed. The goods will be sent through a forwarder of your choice and the material sent to Eurotek S.r.l. – Strada Comunale Savonesa N°9 15057 Rivalta Scrivia (AL) - ITALY warehouse receipt 8.30-12.30 / 14.30-17.30 from Monday to Friday.

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Warranty Repairs: No amount will be charged for all warranty repairs.
Repairs NOT under warranty: for all repairs not covered by the warranty, our sales department will draw up an offer that must be signed before the product is repaired.