High quality standard and reliability of our products are due in large part to the competence, knowledge and creativity of the staff in our departments:

All equipment in our product portfolio are fully developed in our laboratories and the constant and very rapid development of technology is the key catalyst that drives us to innovate constantly our products through continuous investment. Our R&D team consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians that constantly works to design and develop new and innovative equipment always able to ensure modularity, flexibility, scalability, backward compatibility, ease of use and low maintenance.

Production and Testing
Our production and test department complete the fabrication flow of our products thanks to the support of equipment and instrumentation among the most modern and efficient. We follow the entire production process of every device starting from the Automatic Assembly, through “Pick & Place” machine, until to a complete Functional Test of the devices configured according to the customer requirement. The assembly department has high-tech equipment like Screen Printer, automatic “Vapor Phase” soldering system and includes also a Clean Room in order to realize manufacturing process in a controlled environment. The measurement instrumentation in our laboratories is always technologically advanced and allows us to systematically test all the products using also Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) that ensure the full compliance of declared technical specifications.

Quality Control
Quality for us is an imperative and is the main company philosophy without compromise. Since the beginning of the production process, up to the delivery of the products, we realize scrupulous controls, 100% of the boards, sub-assemblies, RF modules and components are subjected to testing and acceptance. Furthermore in order to complete the quality process every device is subjected to a further series of tests in the climatic chambers to simulate extreme environmental conditions in order to check in this way the strength and reliability during the normal operation.

Eurotek sales network is composed by a very dynamic team of people always ready to meet the demands of the customers, our sales department is able to deal immediately the inquiries received and provide information and technical documentation about proposed products. Through our Dealers, Installers and Agents we are present virtually all over the world and our trading partners are always available to organize seminars, workshops or realize training about the maintenance of the equipment that we produce.

Technical Support
For us the sale of the product is just the beginning of a long journey that we want to make with our customers. We believe that support and customer satisfaction are the key to business continuity and for this reason our after-sales services are fast, complete and professional. Our Technicians, Dealers and Installers are always available for any kind of consultancy, technical instructions, supervision of installation and, when necessary, for the maintenance operations, always supported by our twenty years of know-how and experience. We offer to the clients a range of training programs and technical courses, both in our laboratories and in the field, in order to protect your investment over time. We never quite the product, even for older models we continue to support the customers who continue to use them providing spare parts or replacement modules.