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EK-MFR/5 The Mainframe become Great!


The available slots in Mainframe multiply and go up to 10! The revolutionary new platform significantly increases the number of cards that the user can enter inside, this makes possible a virtually endless configuration combinations. The front panel has been completely redesigned with the addition of a touch screen display that makes it highly simple and intuitive setting.


EK-ODP/1 Full Outdoor Platform


Eurotek EK-ODP/1 is a fully outdoor solution where a compact and pole mountable aluminum case hosts a complete transmitting site, including power supply, adjustable filters and combiners. The solid and weather-proof case is designed to be installed virtually anywhere, even where no broadcasting infrastructure is available, with huge savings in terms of space and installations costs. The EK-ODP/1 can get the signal from any type of input: satellite (with descrambler), microwave link, UHF, and can broadcast in any configuration of DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T and ATSC, single or multichannel, with a flexible redundancy (1+1, N+0, N+1, N+M), redundant power supply and control board, built-in GPS for SFN operation, echo canceler (transposer) and a maximum output power up to 20W in single channel configuration or 5W in Multichannel configuration (up to 6 ). Modular design allows simple and fast expansion according to future needs. The EK-ODP/1 can be managed via built-in IP, GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi modem, and it features two exclusive theft-dissuasion systems: when activated, the DVBLock strictly pairs each system to the user-selected ProgramIDs. Feeding the transmitter with a different program will result in no broadcasting at all. The GPSBond detects the installation position and prevents the system operation when a different location is detected. The Eurotek EK-ODP/1 can be AC or DC powered; on-site PV generation is always possible.



Hot-Swap Power Supply


"All4Digit" platform is enriched today by the Hot-swap functionality in the power supply units and cooling fans of the Mainframe. Today customer's can equip any systems with a redundant power supply system AC+AC, AC+DC or DC+DC that uses high efficiency power supplies each able to handle the complete Mainframe power load up to 150W




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