Product overview


We are an Italian manufacturer with more then 25 years of knowledge in the production of Digital and Analogue Equipment,
Antennas and accessories for TV Broadcast applications.

We are today one of the few Companies in the world able to supply “Turn Key” projects starting from the Head-End Systems
up to broadcast Transmitters passing through any type of Microwave Radio Links and Antennas completely manufactured in Italy.

Here below you may see our product’s portfolio:    



- HD/SD High Performance Single / Multiple Encoders
- HD/SD Professional Decoders
- TS ASI Mux/Demux/Remux
- T2-MI Gateway (T2 Lite FEF too)
- SFN Adapter & MIP Inserter
- Network Adapter ASI <=> G.703
- Network Adapter IP <=> ASI
- Network Adapter SMPTE310M <=> ASI
- QPSK/QAM/COFDM Modems up to 210 MB/s
- DVB-S/S2 Multi-stream Satellite Receiver


- STL/TSL & Backbone from 2 GHz up to 23 GHz
- Split-mount/ Full Indoor / Mobile versions
- COFDM Radio Links for connections without line of sight
- ASI, BTS, SDI, PAL/NTSC, G.703, E1/T1, GbE interfaces
- ENG Central Receiver Stations with Omnidirectional antennas or
  Autotracking/Remotable Panoramic Heads


- DVB-T2/T - ISDB-Tb – ALL-IN-ONE Gap Fillers in Full ODU Platform
- DVB-T2/T - ISDB-Tb – Dual Cast Exciter
- DVB-T2/T - ISDB-Tb – Dual Cast Low Power UHF Transmitters (up to 250W rms)
- DVB-T2/T - ISDB-Tb – Dual Cast Medium/High Power UHF Transmitters (up to 2.4KW rms)
- DVB-T2/T - ISDB-Tb  Multi-channel UHF Transmitters
- DVB-T2/T   Low Power Repeater VHF-UHF

We are also key player in the Wireless HDTV transmission domain and we are able to fulfill any requirement for high-tech and advanced wireless connection.
These products are particularly suitable for sporting taking place over large areas or long distance such as Marathons. Cycling, on-board application at Sailing, Car and Bike races.

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