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Established in Italy in 1991, Eurotek is now one of the most established and well-known companies that design, manufacture and sale equipment, systems, antennas and accessories for TV broadcasting applications. Our product portfolio includes Headend systems, Radio Links and Transmitters, both digital and analogue, as well as all the Antennas and accessories for the turnkey construction of a television network. First in the world, since 2004, we have applied the concept of modularity, flexibility and scalability on broadcast equipment thanks to the introduction of high-density intelligent platform called "All4Digit"® which, thanks to six independent slots, can be configured according to the needs and become an A/V Encoder, a Radio Link, a Transmitter or even all the functions at the same time simply inserting the appropriate cards into the Mainframe.

"All4Digit"® platform can therefore HANDLE any signal at its input/output: DVB-S/S2, ASI, BTS, IP, CVBS, SD/HD-SDI, E1/T1, E3, etc.., CARRY signals to any frequency from 2 to 23 GHz and TRANSMIT in any modulation: DVB-T2/T/H, ISDBT, ATSC AND DUAL CAST.



Software suite EK-MST ®

Thanks to our simple and intuitive management software, user's can configure and monitor all the parameters of each module or even of the complete systems, either locally or remotely, through SNMP, TCP / IP, or GSM-GPRS connections.

All devices are fully developed in our laboratories and we can claim to be FIRST IN THE WORLD to have implemented the modular philosophy in a microwave equipement.




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